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Crooked River WSC - Stearns Dam Removal

See photos, video, and read more details about the removal of Stearns Dam on the Crooked River in Central Oregon.

Oregon's Crooked River Flowing More Freely, by Colin K. Breck, Hatch Magazine

After several weeks of removal and restoration work, Oregon's Crooked river is flowing more freely than it has in over a century. In late October, crews from the River Design Group began removal of the Stearns Dam, which was built in 1911 by homesteader Sidney Stearns in order to divert water for pasture irrigation. Now complete, the project is the culmination of 10 years of planning and negotiation.  Read more...


View the "Connecting Waters" video, with an overview of the Stearns Dam removal, on YouTube at

(View a shortened version of the video at

Project Photos by Scott Wright:

Stearns Dam Removal - 1


Stearns Dam Removal - 3


Stearns Dam Removal - 4

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