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Network Membership

It takes your support. Strong membership is a strong Network. While much of the Network’s tangible activities and programs are grant-funded, some of the critical intangible work we do cannot be completed without your support. If the Network is important to your council, consider membership.

How does it work? Annual membership covers a calendar year (January through December).  Annual dues are based on your organization's annual operating budget (not your total budget, which would include projects).  To become a member, please complete a membership application form.

Pay By Check: Print and mail the membership application form, along with your check payable to the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils, to PO BOX 13032, Salem, OR 97309.

Pay Online: Complete the membership application form and e-mail to  Then, use the drop-down form below to submit payment through Paypal.


Annual Operating Budget


Questions? Please call 503-362-1246, or send a message to

I'd like to donate more. If you'd like to make a donation in addition to your membership dues, please visit the Donation Page.


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