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DEQ Funding Programs & Contacts

DEQ Funding Programs & Contacts

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan program provides low-cost loans for the planning, design and construction of various water pollution control activities. Any public agency in Oregon is eligible for a CWSRF loan. Eligible public agencies include tribal nations, cities, counties, sanitary districts, soil and water conservation districts, irrigation districts and various special districts and certain intergovernmental entities.  Councils may consider partnering with one of these entities to help with project implementation.

Drinking Water Source Protection Fund

The Drinking Water Source Protection Fund (DWSPF) is designed for the protection of drinking water sources.

Supplemental Environmental Projects

DEQ’s Office of Compliance and Enforcement assesses civil penalties for environmental law violations. Violators sometimes may offset a portion of their monetary penalty by agreeing to pay for a supplemental environmental project. The project can represent up to 80 percent of the total penalty amount. These projects must improve Oregon’s environment in some way, and are not available in all cases. DEQ must approve all projects.

Non-point Source Implementation 319 Grants

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality announces the availability of Nonpoint Source Grants to support implementation and planning projects that address water quality problems in surface and groundwater resources resulting from nonpoint source pollution.

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