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Lamprey Conservation Seminar
ORS 541.910 - Voluntary Local Watershed Councils
541.910 Voluntary local watershed councils - Definition & Protection Against Liability
ORS 541.890 – 541.972
PDF copy of ORS 541.890 - 541.972
What is a Watershed?
A watershed is typically defined as the area of land where all precipitation drains to a common water body, such as a river or lake.
How do councils benefit local communities?
The council forum provides local people with a voice in natural resource management that can significantly influence watershed management decisions.
What is a watershed council?
Watershed councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the conditions of watersheds in their local area.
What does a watershed council do?
Local watershed councils are highly effective in the planning, development, and implementation of projects to maintain and restore the biological and physical ...